Hand Painted Mounts

hand painted picture mounts

Hand painted picture mounts in Cambridge

If you are looking for hand painted mounts to display your artwork, visit The Rosewood Studio in Cambridge. 

Bespoke mounts for pictures

At The Rosewood Studio, we hand paint mounts to complement your artwork. Our hand-cut conservation mounts are affordable and will prevent your pictures from aging. Get in touch with us today if you require more information about our services.
Watercolour frames

Hand painted mounts to match your frames:

  • Box frames
  • Watercolour frames
  • Conservation frames
  • Colour-matched finishes
hand finished mounts

Hand finished mounts including:

  • Washlines
  • Banding
  • Hand painted finishes
  • Embossed patterns
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If you are looking for decorative picture mounts in Cambridgeshire, call The Rosewood Studio 
on 01799 584 028
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